January craft’ of Antiquity (J. Patrocinio de Souza). Crises of the university

ti EDUCATION AT THE CROSSROADS. 1970, International Education Dita eee —— Year (L. Fernig). Education... for whom? and how? (P. Rondiére). , : Race between education and catastrophe (H. Brabyn). Cost of world July armaments. The student of to-morrow (R. Habachi). Too many tea- LENIN (1870-1970 :

9 : ; i -1970). ART OF JAVA. Lenin and education, science, anal cae te ae (P. paced yay 3 Far ng Mae) culture (M.P. Herzog). Development of science (M. Keldysh). Educa- Encyclopedic scribe (Iran) ; y tion and social change (V. Stoletov). Lenin and cultural rights of

minorities (L.A. Posti). Art of Java (H. Daifuku). An ancient super- February continent (D. Behrman). Art treasures (46) Women of Palmyra (Syria).

NEW STRATEGY FOR GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT (Lester B. Pearson). Strategy in a nutshell. Kaleidoscope of underdevelopment. No more August-September unwanted children. Rising spiral of unemployment. Green revolu- MAN AND VIOLENCE. Understanding man’s aggressiveness (D. tion. 1970, International education year (R. Maheu). Art treasures Behrman), A density problem (P. Leyhausen). War not in our genes (41) Stone Age ‘cat’ (Cyprus). (S. Carrighar). Man—killer of nature (U Thant). The concrete cage March (R.J. Benthem). Europe’s industrial pollution (R. Passino). Year of the whale (H. Brabyn). Tower of Babel (F. Ragette). Art treasures

SPIN-OFF: THE FRUIT OF SPACE RESEARCH (G. Gregory). Is the (47) Ancestor figure (Hawaii, U.S.).

space effort a waste of money? Spin-off from satellites. Space-age technology. Benefits to medicine. New space-age materials and ; October power sources. Electronics and pocket computers. The ‘systems CRISIS IN DEVELOPMENT. Harsh facts of the 1960s; second chance approach’. Beyond Babel: the first global society (A.C. Clarke). Art in the 1970s (M.S. Adiseshiah). Palestine refugee schools. Golden treasures (42) Neolithic goggles (Japan). hoard of the Scythians (A. Kirpichnikov). Museums for moderns (D.F. April Cameron). United World colleges (T. Sylite). Art treasures (48) Iron

Age ‘roundhead’ (Ireland). PAESTUM. Discovery of Greek frescoes (M. Conil Lacoste). Cairo (Abdel-Rahman Zaky). Al-Azhar univershy. Cairo’s museums. San November Augustin, mystery of prehistoric Colombia (F. Sanz). Lepenski Vir, prehistoric Danubian village (J. Vidal). Non-scientists dissect science. > Ree nd baggy SINCE a WAR ll. nw De _— Art treasures (43) Mulla, the onion eater (Pakistan). : oel-Baker). Nuclear mushrooms. Sequel to the ‘Lucky Dragon’. ! uper-arms for developing countries. Biological and chemical wea- May Peace ——, = Réling), 10th anniversary of U.N. Bese : eclaration on independence of colonial peoples. Education in Latin CANCER—WHERE WE STAND (J. Higginson), Cigarettes and cancer ; rt ; : Seer G. Gedbert. Cave ageinet emetinn GUM. Taster. Geert of Oe America (M. Soler Roca). Art treasures (49) Matriarchal mask (Brazil). cell (N. Odartchanko). False notion: cancer is incurable (E.C. Easson). ‘Geography’ of cancer (N. Willard). Air pollution and lung December cancer (R.E. Waller). Art treasures (44) Reclining Buddha (Ceylon). CARTHAGE MUST NOT BE DESTROYED. Conservation of Tunis June and Carthage (J. El Kafi). Rise and fall of a city (H. Slim). Eight centuries of Punic civilization (G.C. Picard). Graeco-Roman portraits MAN IN QUEST OF WATER (R.L. Nace). Pantanal hydrological project of Carthage (M. Fantar). Unesco’s Tunis-Carthage Project (G. Fradier). (N.V. Cordeiro). American Culture (C.C. Mark). The eagle, ‘space- Jean Perrin (P. Auger). Art treasures (50) Tun-huang fresco (China).

Published by Unesco birthright AN ANTHOLOGY OF TEXTS


prepared under the direction of Jeanne Hersch, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Geneva

Contains over l, 100 quotations and extracts from every period

betwee on 3000 B.C. and the mid-twentieth century. A vast and

searching survey of the centuries -long struggle for human rights.

Five thousand years in the making—a monumental anthology of man’s thoughts, yearnings and declarations on human rights

and freedom.

An indispensable reference work, a fascinating literary collection, and a unique source book all in one.

The first volume ever to present on such a broad canvas, in

392 pages cloth bound $12.00 such detail. 12 full plate illustrations. including 4 in colour, and 21 textual illustrations age of Man.

a panorama of human aspirations—from every

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